These Terms and Conditions are based on your National Charter Schools Institute, Board Network membership.


  • Membership is open to all charter school persons and organizations that have registered and paid to become members.


  • Membership starts on the day payment of the membership is received.
  • Membership lasts for the duration of the program July 1-June 30.  All content for one year will be available for one year no matter when the participant joins. 
  • In the case that payment for renewal of the membership is not received, membership will end after one year and participants will no longer have access to year one content. 
  • If an organization joins mid-year, all affiliated participants will have access to year one content, and upon renewal will have access to year two content.  
  • Membership for year two and subsequent program years will be released in July each year, to gain access to year two- or subsequent-year content in July, the organization may elect to pay early if they joined mid-year. 


  • Membership fees will be paid by credit card or check.  
  • Organizations paying by credit card will receive immediate access to the Board Network. 
  • Organizations paying by check will gain access upon receipt of the payment. 
  • For membership paid for by check, the organization has an option to contact the Board Network to gain immediate access, if needed. 


  • The National Charter Schools Institute retains all rights to original material and information provided through the Board Network.  This includes but is not limited to: books, videos, slide presentations, handouts, tools, materials in the LMS, etc. prepared by or provided through the Board Network.  
  • All property of the National Charter Schools Institute provided in the Board Network is owned by the National Charter Schools Institute unless otherwise stated, members can share with other members, but should not distribute or use otherwise without the direct permission of the National Charter Schools Institute. 
  • The National Charter Schools Institute has been granted to use any materials and resources that are the intellectual property of other organizations.  


  • All members must agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Board Network.
  • Members who access on-demand professional learning modules through the LMS system will agree to the terms and conditions of the software program. Access will not be granted until members agree to the terms and conditions. 


  • Members include individuals serving as charter school board members and individuals supporting charter school boards.
  • Organizational members shall have the right to participate in the Board Network including access to the following:
    • On-demand professional learning
    • Board Network Hub
    • Tools and Resources
    • Convenings for networking and learning
  • Member organizations have the right to use the National Charter Schools Board Network logo on their website to signify membership, but must remove logo from website if they are not a current member. The logo should only be used to signify membership and not represented in any other way. 


  • The membership ends if the membership period has ended and the member has not renewed membership.
  • In the case that membership fees due are not paid, the National Charter Schools Institute has the right to terminate the membership of the members and participants involved.
  • In the case a member deploys activities that may harm the interests of the National Charter Schools Institute or Board Network significantly, or in case a member acts in a way in severe contradiction with the Board Network aims and nature, the National Charter Schools Institute withholds the right to end the membership or the member(s) involved. These actions may also result in the right of the National Charter Schools Institute ending the ability of the member organization to use the logo or any representation or affiliation with the National Charter Schools Institute and the Board Network.  
  • Any member has the right to terminate his or her membership before the formal end of the membership period. Upon termination, the member will lose access to the Board Network. 
  • End of membership, either at the end of the membership period or by intermediate termination, does not constitute any right of reimbursement of membership fees.